About Recycling Experts

Recycling Experts is a division of Pegasus Sustainability Solutions, a company that provides waste management, environmental remediation, emergency spill response, and sustainability consulting services to businesses and institutions throughout the United States through its four other brands:

Each day, our Technical Support Specialists receive numerous phone calls from everyday homeowners looking for solutions to their waste disposal challenges. Time and time again, we have had to tell these customers that we couldn’t help them. Commercial and industrial waste management services simply aren’t suited for your average household; they are neither cost-effective nor practical. Rather than letting these individuals fall through the cracks, we were inspired to create a comprehensive resource we could direct them to instead.

Recycling Experts is that resource. Our goal is to cut through the clutter and provide homeowners and consumers with sensible recycling and waste disposal solutions.

To obtain a list of recycling and disposal locations near you, you need only enter in the type of waste you have and your location. This is both beneficial for the user (who will have their solution in a matter of seconds) and the environment (informed users with a list of options tend to make responsible waste disposal decisions).