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Recycling Experts provides its users with a database of recycling and disposal locations for small quantities of common residential waste, such as: electronics, paint, glass, scrap metal, yard waste, batteries, motor oil, oil filters, hazardous chemicals, and more.

We created this resource to simplify the process for the average household. When you visit the Recycling Experts database, all you need to know is the type of waste you have and where you want to dispose of it. Once you enter in this information, you’ll be provided with a mapped list of recycling and disposal locations that match the criteria – each complete with an address, phone number, and approximate distance you will need to travel.

At the bottom of the page, you will also find links to articles and in-depth content focusing on recycling, sustainability, and trending environmental news. We hope these additional sources of information will help you to gain a better understanding of the processes involved, the role we each play, and the essential global benefits and advantages of making environmentally-friendly choices in our everyday lives.

Recycling Experts is a creation of PegEx, Inc.. Providing this important resource to homeowners aligns with our joint goals of promoting sustainable practices and solving waste management problems on a nationwide basis.

Recycling Experts believes fervently in waste diversion (the process of diverting as much waste as possible from landfill disposal), and makes every effort to educate homeowners of the alternatives available to them. We understand that informed consumers tend to make more responsible choices, and hope that the information we provide here will encourage judicious and environmentally conscious decisions.

Recycling Articles

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